Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Old photos

I've published a few of my old photos. It's quite rewarding to look at these photos that you have the habit to see only on paper on a web page, and it's cool to be able to show them to peers just when they want to see them.

For the record, they are available at:

In case you're wondering, I've done the galleries of photos with Original, but as these days I seem to be trapped in a windows box, I've redone the scripts that resize the photos with a little C program using GDI+.

While I was tweaking it, I also changed a little bit the server side of original.

I changed the CSS to correctly center the images when you're viewing them in IE. The original CSS only managed to center the image on IE if it was 640 pixels wide (due, of course, to an IE bug).

I also did gray version of the thumbnails, to use the same effect that was only available on IE browsers through a filter (ie. color thumbnail on mouse over, gray on mouse out).

That reminds me that I should get my act together and send jimmac my changes. Who knows, he may even be interested :-)


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