Friday, May 20, 2005

J2ME experiments

Adel (the brother of my wife) has a new shiny Nokia 63whatever, that comes with a java vm, and so yesterday evening I decided to take a look at J2ME programming.

After downloading the Nokia SDK, double checking that I'm too stupid to make it work with eclipse, downloading eclipseme and installing it, I finally had a j2me development environment available.

I did a little snake game, and it worked more or less flawlessly. This evening I will add some graphics to it and take some screenshots.

Update: And here you have it. It's a pity that my graphics skills suck so hard. Worst of all, I actually passed a lot of time picking colors and drawing things. The background image comes from one of the background of GNOME Art (the Happy gnome one).

Screenshot of Yet Another Snake for Nokia

Jar file, Jad file and the source code (license: do whatever you want with it).


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