Tuesday, August 09, 2005


It seems as this blog thing is not for me. I'm trying to resume regular posting (again).

I did lately some work on web technologies, to cut my teeth on Ajax and what not.

You can see the result at Panoramio. Still very crude, but I'm improving it. Things I should deploy very soon now™:

  • a way to login/register - so you can show your photos.

  • a revamped search - so you can have more than 50% chance of getting suggestions.

  • smaller previews on the sidebar - so you can... you know... see smaller previews on the sidebar

  • a help page - the thing that anybody ask for and nobody reads.

It's crazy the amount of work that can take a site that looks so simple. I should start blogging about all the stuff I find developping this thing, at least I will have a record.

The question of the day. Should I blog in spanish or in english?

As I don't think anybody is reading these rumblings, I will need to take a decision on my own...


Martin Jacques said...

Je vois plusieurs débouchées commerciales à ce type de service. Possibilité d'afficher des images des points de service d'une chaîne de magasins, postes à essence, restauration, etc. Je ne sais pas par contre si ca respecte la licence de Google Maps. Beau travail.

Joaquin Cuenca Abela said...


oui, en effet, il y a plusieurs débouchées commerciales possibles, nous en sommes encore à l'étude de ces options.

Ca respecte bien la licence de Google. L'unique restriction mayeur de celle-ci est que les maps doivent être visibles par n'importe quoi.

Pas d'utilisation possible dans une intranet, ou seulement pour des utilisateurs privilégiés. Sur le reste, il n'y a plus de limitations.

Anonymous said...

It's ok in english. I think it's the most common language in the web (even if we like it or not).It allows a broader audience.
Panoramio is a very nice project Joaquín :)

One feature that will be very good to implement is the possibility to upload a ZIP or tarball with photos so they get decompressed and uploaded (saving bandwith also). This can be really good because there is software to add GeoLocation to the headers of the jpeg. So if you do this previously, then you can upload and have all the photos positioned with a few clicks.

Joaquin Cuenca Abela said...

Hi Martin,

Support for the geolocation exif tag is planned, probably through a page to do a bulk insert of several photos at the same time.

Zipping the photos does not help reduce the bandwidth, as photos are already compressed, and the addional reduction achieved with the algorithm used in zip is worthless.

At some point I want to code an application so users can do bulk inserts more easily.

Bons de Reduction said...

I have been lucky enough to work with people from Google Maps and they said that they are preparing an app (probably for iPhone) so you can "look through" iPhone onto the street and have name tags on buildings, buses and roads atcx. What do you guys think about it?